Assimilation Upholstery Project
chairs, tablecloth, paprika

Window installation at Blackfish Gallery, Portland, OR
Martha Schlitt PAPRIKA wood, paprika
Chair Assimilation
wood, paprika
34" x 17" x 18"

Presented at Indivisible, Portland, OR.
Martha Schlitt PAPRIKA paprika, hotel linen and pillows
Red Bed Spread
paprika, hotel linen and pillows
site specific installation

Presented at LA Scope, The Standard Hotel, Los Angeles, CA.
Martha Schlitt PAPRIKA paprika, bed linen
Red Bed Spread - detail
paprika, bed linen
Martha Schlitt PAPRIKA mixed media with paprika
Gala - detail
mixed media with paprika
Martha Schlitt PAPRIKA photograph
Out of the Mouths of Babes - Portrait
8" x 10"

I adopted paprika as my art material, combining my grandparent's Hungarian heritage with my own artistic ambition.
Martha Schlitt PAPRIKA wooden bench, paprika
Out of the Mouths of Babes - Bench
wooden bench, paprika
18" x 32" x 16"

The seat cushion is made of 15 pounds of paprika. No adhesive is used.
Martha Schlitt PAPRIKA paprika, glue, postcard
Proposal for Washington, DC: Iwo Jima
paprika, glue, postcard
4" x 6"

Part of a series of postcards from Washington, DC where I grew up.
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